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Simple Perfection

Obsidian Residences will be architecturally forward, with its sophistication likewise found in its simplicity. No line, beam, or structural component will be superfluous, but intentional.

Each piece will come together seamlessly to produce the whole, resulting in a luxurious building because of its simply perfect design.


Full-floor living, flawlessly mastered.

Soaring to entirely new heights along downtown Sarasota’s waterfront, Obsidian is the tallest building in the city’s history. A sky-high sanctuary with visionary architecture, the iconic tower features only 14 extraordinary residences, each one occupying its own floor exclusively. More than a place to live, Obsidian makes every moment count with an uncompromising selection of five-star style services and private amenities, ensuring holistic wellness of body and mind.

Unparalleled luxury

Indulge with premium amenities to exceed your every need.

Each purposeful amenity experience creates the time and space to connect, move, savor, meditate and refocus on what matters most: your well-being. With the design, atmosphere and exclusivity of a private members club, the exquisitely crafted wine tasting cellar, card lounge and billiard’s room provide the settings to indulge in a glass of Grand Cru, to savor a choice Cohiba, to socialize and to connect.

Balance mind, body and soul at the yoga and meditation studio, a transitional indoor/outdoor space calibrated for next level tranquility amid flowing water features.

Actual top floor view

True individuality

Artistic individuality in luxury high-rise condominiums centers on the infusion of distinctive design elements, customized aesthetics, and exclusive features that set the Obsidian Residences apart. We aim to create a visual and experiential masterpiece, where architectural innovation and artistic expression are combined to provide a unique and captivating living experience.

We're dedicated to making Sarasota the most beautiful place to live in the country, and creating residences that set a new standard in the market.

Matt KihnkePresident at MK Equity